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South African Business 2016 edition

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South African Business is an annual guide to business and investment in South Africa. Published by Global Africa Network Media in Cape Town, the 2016 edition is in its fourth year of publication. The publication provides up-to-date information and analyses of the country's key economic sectors, as well as detailed economic overviews of each of the nine provinces in South Africa.

CREDITS Publisher Chris

CREDITS Publisher Chris Whales Publishing director Robert Arendse Editor Writing Simon Lewis David Capel Greg Penfold John Young Editorial assistants Shannon Manuel Beverley Stone Account representatives Debbie Bender-Overmeyer Gabriel Venter Jeremy Petersen Malcolm Solomon Richard Whittingdale Sam Oliver Shiko Diala Sydwell Adonis Veronica Dean-Boshoff Managing director Clive During Art director Design Production DISTRIBUTION Brent Meder Sheeth Hanief Charlie Kershaw Linda Tom Administration & accounts Charlene Steynberg Natalie Koopman Distribution Printing Edward MacDonald CTP South African Business is distributed internationally on outgoing and incoming trade missions, through trade and investment agencies; to foreign offices in South Africa’s main trading partners around the world; at top national and international events; through the offices of foreign representatives in South Africa; as well as nationally and regionally via chambers of commerce, tourism offices, trade and investment agencies, provincial government departments, municipalities and companies. PUBLISHED BY Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Global Africa Network Media (Pty) Ltd Company Registration No: 2004/004982/07 Directors: Clive During, Chris Whales Physical address: 28 Main Road, Rondebosch 7700 Postal address: PO Box 292, Newlands 7701, South Africa Tel: +27 21 657 6200 | Fax: +27 21 674 6943 | Email: | Website: COPYRIGHT South African Business is an independent publication published by Global Africa Network Media (Pty) Ltd. Full copyright to the publication vests with Global Africa Network Media (Pty) Ltd. No part of the publication may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of Global Africa Network Media (Pty) Ltd. DISCLAIMER While the publisher, Global Africa Network Media (Pty) Ltd, has used all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information contained in South African Business is accurate and up-to-date, the publishers make no representations as to the accuracy, quality, timeliness, or completeness of the information. Global Africa Network will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use of or any reliance placed on such information. Agu PHOTO CREDITS Pictures supplied by clients, with additional pics courtesy of Transnet National Ports Authority, Transnet Engineering, Redisa, SA Tourism, MorgueFile, Sasol, Anglo American, MEGA, Brand SA, Media Club SA and SOUTH AFRICAN BUSINESS 2016 8

Southwest Indian Ridge FOREWORD HIGHLIGHTS SOUTH AFRICAN BUSINESS A unique guide to business and investment in South Africa. lhas Ridge Botswana Namibia South Africa L Continental Shelf Agulhas Plateau Mozambique S Natal Valley Mozambique Ridge Mozambique Channel Discovery Ridge Madagascar Madagascar Plateau Southwest Indian Ridge Welcome to the fourth edition of South African Business. First published in 2011, the publication has established itself as the premier business and investment guide to South Africa, with an audited and certified distribution that has grown from 15 000 copies to 20 000 printed copies. This publication is supported by a wellread e-book edition hosted on In addition to an up-to-date economic overview of the country, analyses of the main industrial sectors, plus profiles of the nine provincial economies, this edition of South African Business includes special features on key topical issues such as skills development and education, waste management and recycling, and renewable energy; as well as interviews with leading figures from business and government, including Hermann Erdmann (CEO of Redisa), Kutoane Kutoane (CEO of ECIC), Tim Harris (CEO of Wesgro) and Sean Johnson (Manager: Unconventional Resource Evaluation at the Petroleum Agency of South Africa). South African Business is complemented by nine well-established regional publications, recognised as the leading business and investment guides to each province. These unique titles are supported by nine monthly regional e-newsletters with a combined reach of over 40 000, and the e-book editions can also be viewed on their respective websites: Western Cape Business | Gauteng Business Guide | Limpopo Business | KwaZulu-Natal Business | Eastern Cape Business | North West Business | Mpumalanga Business | Free State Business | Northern Cape Business | Global Africa Network thanks the dedicated sales team and the professional and committed writers, editors and designers who worked so hard to produce this edition of South African Business. Prince Edward Islands (RSA) Crozet Islands (Fr) Chris Whales Publisher, Global Africa Network Media Email: 1 RSA Sa’s part of the joint claim with France for the Discovery Ridge - to be completed SOUTH AFRICA’S EXISTING TERRITORY Area (sq kms) Land - RSA Mainland 1,220,000 Sea - EEZ of RSA Mainland & Prince Edward Islands 1,540,000 9 SOUTH AFRICAN BUSINESS 2016 Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) 2 4 NEW EXTENDED CONTINENTAL SHELF 1. West Coast 2. East and South Coast 45,000 1,075,000

  • Page 6: CONTENTS Introduction CONTENTS Sout
  • Page 12 and 13: SPECIAL FEATURE South Africa A peri
  • Page 14 and 15: SPECIAL FEATURE In a year that saw
  • Page 16 and 17: SPECIAL FEATURE owes its existence
  • Page 18 and 19: SPECIAL FEATURE against water losse
  • Page 20 and 21: SPECIAL FEATURE Operation Phakisa h
  • Page 22 and 23: SPECIAL FEATURE late in 2014. The h
  • Page 24 and 25: SPECIAL FEATURE Understanding Afric
  • Page 26 and 27: INTERVIEW Job creation on track Ala
  • Page 28 and 29: SPECIAL FEATURE Business funding Th
  • Page 30 and 31: SPECIAL FEATURE in turn makes it ve
  • Page 32 and 33: SPECIAL FEATURE Contact: 012 394 18
  • Page 34 and 35: SPECIAL FEATURE Black Business Supp
  • Page 36 and 37: SPECIAL FEATURE The evolution of sk
  • Page 38: SPECIAL FEATURE providing TVET lear
  • Page 42: PROFILE FP&M Seta Facilitating and
  • Page 45 and 46: • The development of a national s
  • Page 48 and 49: FOCUS Champions of change Five dyna
  • Page 50 and 51: SPECIAL FEATURE The top law firms S
  • Page 52 and 53: SPECIAL FEATURE Keeping the BRICS t
  • Page 54 and 55: SPECIAL FEATURE Keeping BEPS in che
  • Page 56 and 57: SPECIAL FEATURE IPAP in action In 2
  • Page 60 and 61:

    INTERVIEW The riches of Africa awai

  • Page 62 and 63:

    INTERVIEW and it could actually be

  • Page 64 and 65:

    PROFILE ECIC exco profiles Profiles

  • Page 66 and 67:

    INTERVIEW The hub of Africa Tim Har

  • Page 69 and 70:

    Key sectors Overview of the main ec

  • Page 71 and 72:

    OVERVIEW from the subsistence farme

  • Page 73 and 74:

    OVERVIEW South Africa produces abou

  • Page 75 and 76:

    South Africa’s looming energy gap

  • Page 77 and 78:

    How will these resources be develop

  • Page 79 and 80:

    Vall exclusive economic zone limits

  • Page 82 and 83:

    OVERVIEW NEED PIC Mining The South

  • Page 84 and 85:

    OVERVIEW Mineral beneficiation The

  • Page 86 and 87:

    PROFILE The Council for Geoscience

  • Page 88 and 89:

    OVERVIEW Energy The South African e

  • Page 90 and 91:

    INTERVIEW Cummins South Africa Cumm

  • Page 92 and 93:

    OVERVIEW Manufacturing Increasing m

  • Page 94 and 95:

    OVERVIEW Automotive International i

  • Page 96 and 97:

    OVERVIEW Automotive components Incu

  • Page 98 and 99:

    OVERVIEW Chemicals and pharmaceutic

  • Page 100 and 101:

    OVERVIEW Healthcare South Africa’

  • Page 102 and 103:

    OVERVIEW Water Severe water restric

  • Page 104:

    OVERVIEW Improving quality The intr

  • Page 107 and 108:

    Our Vision is is “Quality water f

  • Page 109 and 110:


  • Page 111 and 112:

    OVERVIEW airports in India and Braz

  • Page 113 and 114:

    affords, while maintaining its envi

  • Page 115 and 116:

    kets, except Australia. In Africa,

  • Page 117 and 118:

    Rosebank, Johannesburg, renamed ‘

  • Page 119 and 120:

    Trade with Africa Improved infrastr

  • Page 121 and 122:

    FOCUS MTN plugs R1.2-billion into K

  • Page 123 and 124:

    MTN rolls out fibre infrastructure

  • Page 125 and 126:

    OVERVIEW community engagement. The

  • Page 127 and 128:

    PROFILE For BEE Verification and is

  • Page 129 and 130:

    OVERVIEW attracting and retaining c

  • Page 131 and 132:

    OVERVIEW Small business is taken ve

  • Page 133 and 134:

    Franchise Fund—an innovative plat

  • Page 135 and 136:

    educating young people in fields th

  • Page 137 and 138:

    OVERVIEW Management Plan has divert

  • Page 139 and 140:

    hazardous waste is also not being c

  • Page 141 and 142:

    INTERVIEW yourself up as a Tier 1 o

  • Page 144 and 145:

    OVERVIEW Renewable energy South Afr

  • Page 146 and 147:

    INTERVIEW Plenty of scope for solar

  • Page 148 and 149:

    LISTINGS South African business org

  • Page 150 and 151:

    LISTINGS South African National Gov

  • Page 152 and 153:

    LISTINGS Department of Communicatio

  • Page 154 and 155:

    LISTINGS Department of Human Settle

  • Page 156 and 157:

    LISTINGS Department of Science and

  • Page 158 and 159:

    OVERVIEW Regional overview: Eastern

  • Page 162 and 163:

    INTERVIEW Buffalo City on the rise

  • Page 164 and 165:

    OVERVIEW Regional overview: Free St

  • Page 166 and 167:

    OVERVIEW Regional overview: Gauteng

  • Page 168 and 169:

    FOCUS A Catalyst for Economic Devel

  • Page 170 and 171:

    FOCUS business people and tourists

  • Page 172 and 173:

    OVERVIEW Regional overview: KwaZulu

  • Page 174 and 175:

    OVERVIEW Regional overview: Limpopo

  • Page 176 and 177:

    OVERVIEW Regional overview: Mpumala

  • Page 178 and 179:

    The powerhouse of Africa Mpumalanga

  • Page 180 and 181:

    Mpumalanga: Key Sectors Mpumalanga

  • Page 182 and 183:

    Nkomazi Special Economic Zone The N

  • Page 184 and 185:


  • Page 186 and 187:

    OVERVIEW Regional overview: Norther

  • Page 188 and 189:

    OVERVIEW Regional overview: North W

  • Page 190 and 191:

    OVERVIEW Regional overview: Western

  • Page 192 and 193:

    FOCUS Khayelitsha - the power of to

  • Page 194 and 195:

    INDEX INDEX Abeco Tanks ...........

  • Page 196: ENSafrica | Africa’

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