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South African Business 2017 edition

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South African Business is a unique guide to business and investment in South Africa. In addition to an up-to-date economic overview of the country, analyses of the main industrial sectors, plus profiles of the nine provincial economies, the 2017 edition of South African Business includes special features on key topical issues such as skills development and education, renewable energy and the REIPPPP programme, and trade with Africa.


SPECIAL FEATURE the Minister of Energy and an announcement from the Office of the President) that the REIPPPP was still central to government policy. President Zuma put out a statement to the effect that, "The Presidency wishes to clarify that all the Independent Power Producer Programmes, namely renewable energy, coal and gas and any other determinations made by the Minister of Energy are and remain government policy and are supported by the Presidency." There are some energy planners (including senior Eskom personnel) who think that South Africa needs a new fleet of nuclear power stations. At the moment South Africa has one, at Koeberg in Cape Town, whose two reactors supply about 5% of South Africa's electricity. However, the amount of power produced by the renewable energy programme is growing so rapidly – and prices are coming down so fast – that some researchers are questioning whether coal and nuclear are the only kinds of energy that can supply the so-called "base load" for the national grid. The base load is the permanent minimum amount of power that the grid must be able to deliver at all times. Conventional wisdom says that only coal and nuclear can provide that base load. But a study done by the Energy Centre of the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) suggests that wind and solar power (supported by natural gas, biogas and hydro-electric power) might be up to the task. There is particular interest in natural gas as a source of a very versatile and mobile back-up for the main types of renewable energy: if the sun goes behind a cloud or the wind does not blow, it is very easy to turn on the gas. As it happens, the Department of Energy is very keen to promote gas-to-power. It is targeting the procurement of 3 126MW through its programme and intends spending R64-billion on port, pipeline, generation and transmission infrastructure at three key ports, Richards Bay, Coega and Saldanha Bay. South Africa's long-term energy plan is underpinned by the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) but many industry watchers feel that a new one is due: the latest (published) version of the IRP is dated 2010, and the economic situation has changed quite a bit since then. SOUTH AFRICAN BUSINESS 2017 28

LESEDI NUCLEAR SERVICES Leaders in the South African Power Industry Home grown Lesedi Nuclear Services is a leading EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) company with extensive experience in the execution of turnkey engineering projects. It has operational footprints throughout the South African power industry. LESEDI NUCLEAR SERVICES Lesedi’s Competencies Include: Having completed numerous projects in both nuclear and conventional environments, Leaders primarily in at Eskom’s the Koeberg South Power African Plant, construction Power Industry • Project Management of the Open Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plans in the Western Cape, and • Construction Management executing EPC contracts for the balance of plants to Eskom’s Medupi • Design Engineering and Home Kusile Coal grown Power Lesedi Plants - still Nuclear under construction Services - is Lesedi a leading is wellplaced Construction) to play a leading company role in offering with competitive extensive EPC services experience to the in the • Engineering execution Procurement of turnkey and engineering EPC (Engineering, Procurement and country’s projects. power It infrastructure has operational industry. footprints throughout the South Construction African (EPC) power industry. • Specialised Shutdown Maintenance Lesedi is now a level Four B-BBEE (Value Added) company and has activities (Globally) registered 9ME, 7EP, 7SF, 1GB, 1ISI and 1CE certification levels with • Provision of Technical Personnel the Having Construction completed Industry numerous Development projects Board. in The both company’s nuclear main a wide range of services to Koeberg Nuclear Pow and conventional environments, primarily at Eskom’s Station. • Our Heating, major Ventilation involvement and shareholder is global nuclear company, AREVA, with the remaining shares has been in split Koeberg between Group Power Five, Plant, the construction J&J Group and of local the Lesedi Open management. Cycle supply of Air technical – Conditioning personnel for plant upgrad Gas Turbine Power Plans in the Western Cape, and engineering, project management, procurement a Since 2001, Lesedi Nuclear Services has provided a wide range of services • Power Plant Construction executing EPC contracts for the balance of plants to maintenance. to Koeberg Nuclear Power Station. Our major involvement has been in • Nuclear, Gas Turbine, Coal Power Eskom’s Medupi and Kusile Coal Power Plants - still the under supply of construction technical personnel - Lesedi for plant is well-placed upgrades, engineering, to play a project To date, over Stations, 150 Wind different Turbines, modifications Solar have be management, leading role procurement in offering and maintenance. competitive EPC services to completed • Biomass, by Lesedi BioEnergy, at Koeberg. Hydrogen, Our Outa the country’s power infrastructure industry. services division also provides key nuclear skil To date, over 150 different modifications have been completed by Hydro, Waste-to-Energy personnel to various nuclear facilities internationa Lesedi Lesedi at Koeberg. is now Our a level Outage Four services B-BBEE division (Value also Added) provides key notably in Europe, North America and South Ameri nuclear company skilled personnel and has to registered various nuclear 7EP, facilities 9ME, internationally, 7SF, 1SI LESEDI NUCLEAR SERVICES (PTY) Ltd notably certification in Europe, levels North America with the and Construction South America. Industry Lesedi also Lesedi provides Nuclear continuous Services, 12 Edison operational Way, supp Development Board. The company’s main to both Eskom Century and City, AREVA 7441, Cape with Town, up South to 300 Africatechni Lesedi shareholder also provides is continuous global nuclear operational company, support to AREVA, both Eskom personnel working on-site during outage perio and with AREVA the with remaining up to 300 technical shares personnel split between working on-site Group during Other services Tel: +27 include 21 525 1300 Steam or 0861 Generator 551 1049(SG) Wa outage Five, periods. the J&J Other Group services and include local Lesedi Steam Generator management. (SG) Water Lancing, Fax: Pumps +27 21 and 525 Valve 1333 Maintenance, Prim Lancing, Since Pumps 2001, and Lesedi Valve Nuclear Maintenance, Services Primary has Pump provided Maintenance Pump Maintenance Email: and Reactor Refuelling. and Reactor Refuelling. • GET IN TOUCH

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