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South African Business 2019 edition

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The 2019 edition of South African Business is the seventh edition of this annual guide to business and investment in South Africa. Regular pages cover all the main economic sectors of the South African economy and give a snapshot of each of the country’s provincial economies. Feature articles on topical issues such as Special Economic Zones and African trade provide unique insights, together with comprehensive overviews of critical economic sectors. Other special features focus on the exciting new possibilities in renewable energy, airports as engines of regional growth and the maritime sector as an entirely new prospect for South African entrepreneurs and businesses. South African Business is complemented by nine regional publications covering the business and investment environment in each of South Africa’s provinces. The e-book editions can be viewed at


CONTENTS Water 82 Restructured water boards have greater responsibilities. Engineering 90 Major restructuring is underway. Construction and property 98 The shopping mall trend continues to grow. Manufacturing 108 Incentives are in place to support new investment. Food and beverages 116 Acquisitions are supporting backward integration. Automotive 118 Chinese investors are building at the Coega Industrial Development Zone. SOUTH AFRICAN BUSINESS 2019 8

About Thebe Founded in 1992 as a pioneering black-owned company, ith an initial Thebe opened for business in July 1992 with an initial hareholder at the capital investment of only Rl 00 000. A sole shareholder a About About d trust About Thebe Thebe which included Thebe time was the Batho Batho Trust, a community-based trust which Founded erend Beyers Naude as Nelson Mandela Founded (Chairman), Walter Sisulu and Reverend Beyers in 1992 Founded as pioneering original in 1992 Trustees. as Founded a pioneering in 1992 black-owned as a pioneering company, black-owned in 1992 as a company, pioneering black-owned Thebe opened company, for business in July 1992 with an initial Thebe black-owned opened for company, business in July 1992 with an initial ny that came into being Thebe capital opened Thebe investment for Investment business of only in Rl July 00 Corporation 000. 1992 with sole an shareholder initial is an African at the Company that came capital Thebe investment opened of for only business Rl 00 in 000. July A 1992 sole with shareholder an initial at the capital time was investment the Batho of shortly Batho only Rl before Trust, 00 000. South community-based A sole shareholder Africa's formal trust at which the ition to democracy, setting political included transition to demo time was capital the investment Batho Batho of Trust, only a Rl community-based 00 000. A sole shareholder trust which at included the time was Nelson the Mandela Batho Batho (Chairman), Trust, a community-based Walter Sisulu and trust Reverend which Beyers included Naude as by establishing a socially Nelson time was Mandela the Batho (Chairman), new Batho norms Trust, Walter a and community-based Sisulu changing and Reverend the trust face Beyers which of included Naude business as by establishin Nelson original Mandela Trustees. (Chairman), Walter Sisulu and Reverend Beyers Naude as uccess to transform lives, and make a original Nelson Trustees. Mandela (Chairman), embedded Walter Sisulu company and Reverend that uses Beyers its business Naude as success to tra original Trustees. Founded original Trustees. Thebe Investment Corporation difference is an African in our Company communities. that came into being in 1992 as a pioneering Thebe Investment Corporation is an African Company that came into being Thebe Investment shortly before Corporation South Africa's is an African formal Company political transition that came to democracy, into being setting black-owned company, Thebe shortly Investment before South Corporation Africa's formal is an African political Company transition that to democracy, came into being setting shortly before new norms South and Africa's changing formal the political face transition of business to by democracy, establishing setting is articulated in Vision 2020, The future socially of TIC is articulated Thebe opened for business in July shortly new 1992 before norms with and South initial changing Africa's formal the face political of business transition by establishing to democracy, a socially setting new norms embedded and changing company the face that of uses business its business by establishing success to a transform socially lives, and make n the African capital Renaissance. investment of only Rl 00 000. A new sole embedded norms shareholder and company changing at the that the uses face its of business success by establishing which to transform focuses a socially lives, on and the make African a embedded difference company in our that communities. uses its business success to transform lives, and make a nd Resources time was division the Batho will Batho Trust, a community-based embedded difference trust which company in our included communities. that uses its business success to The transform Energy lives, and Resources make a difference in our communities. its focus Nelson the Mandela key growth (Chairman), Walter Sisulu and Reverend difference Beyers in our Naude communities. as The future of TIC is articulated strengthen in Vision 2020, its focus on th The future of TIC is articulated in Vision 2020, original Trustees. The future nergy, resources, power, which of TIC focuses is articulated on the African in Vision areas Renaissance. 2020, The which future focuses of TIC on is the articulated African Renaissance. in Vision of 2020, energy, resourc which focuses The Energy on the and African Resources Renaissance. division will ure as Thebe well as Investment water. Corporation The is an African Company that came into being which The focuses Energy and on the Resources African infrastructure Renaissance. division will as well as The Energy strengthen and Resources its focus division the will key growth ivision seeks shortly to before become South Africa's a formal political transition to democracy, setting The strengthen Energy and its focus Resources on the division will areas of energy, resources, Services key growth strengthen its focus on the key growth power, Division seeks new norms and changing the face of business by establishing a socially strengthen areas of energy, its focus resources, on the key power, growth f world class services for areas of infrastructure energy, resources, as well power, as facilitator water. The of world class s embedded company that uses its business success to transform lives, and areas infrastructure make of a energy, as resources, well as water. power, The infrastructure and the rest of the Services as Division well as seeks water. South to The become Africa and the rest difference in our communities. Services infrastructure Division as well seeks as to water. become The a Services facilitator Division of seeks world to class become services a for by participating in facilitator Services of Division world seeks class services continent to become for a by participat facilitator South of Africa world and class the services rest of for the ing sectors: The future of TIC is articulated in Vision 2020, South facilitator Africa of and world the class rest services of the following for South Africa sectors: continent and the by rest participating of the in which focuses on the African Renaissance. South continent Africa by and participating the rest of the in tourism, media, continent the by following participating sectors: in travel & tourism, med The Energy and Resources division will continent the following by participating sectors: in agro-processing, the following travel sectors: tourism, media, strengthen its focus on the key growth food & agro-process the travel following & tourism, sectors: media, travel roperty. food & tourism, agro-processing, media, areas of energy, resources, power, and property. THEBE food travel & agro-processing, tourism, media, food & agro-processing, and property. infrastructure INVESTMENT as well CORPORATION as water. The food and & property. agro-processing, and property. Services Division seeks to become a and property. facilitator of world class services for South Africa and the rest of the continent by participating in the following sectors: travel & tourism, media, food & agro-processing, and property. THEBE INVESTMENT CORPORATION TIN

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