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South African Business 2019 edition

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The 2019 edition of South African Business is the seventh edition of this annual guide to business and investment in South Africa. Regular pages cover all the main economic sectors of the South African economy and give a snapshot of each of the country’s provincial economies. Feature articles on topical issues such as Special Economic Zones and African trade provide unique insights, together with comprehensive overviews of critical economic sectors. Other special features focus on the exciting new possibilities in renewable energy, airports as engines of regional growth and the maritime sector as an entirely new prospect for South African entrepreneurs and businesses. South African Business is complemented by nine regional publications covering the business and investment environment in each of South Africa’s provinces. The e-book editions can be viewed at

FOCUS Far East Coal Far

FOCUS Far East Coal Far East Coal is a coal mining company with a focus on thermal coal production in South Africa, resource exploration and development. The company aims to create shareholder value through the acquisition, exploration and development of coal projects in South Africa. Our focus is on being a diversified operation which focuses on commodity processing with special interest in coal processing and advancing the development of coal projects in Mpumalanga and other regions, to service the public and private sector for power generation and industrial use. Tel: 078 868 9377 Contact for all subsidiaries Tel: 078 868 9377 Email: Website: Obovu Coal Is a coal mine situated in Mpumalanga Province which will supply bituminous coal to inland areas and the export market. Obovu Coal serves customers in the public and private sector by supplying coal in bulk for industrial, domestic and export use. We supply coal to the power generation industry, as well as other coal traders and end users. Obovu Coal aims to be is a national distributor, covering all provinces in South Africa as well as many countries on the African continent. Obovu Coal is a subsidiary of Far East Coal, where a coal processing plant will be situated. Tel: 078 868 9377 Email: Website: Black Ingwe Coal Our main function is coal mining. Coal is valued for its energy content and, since the 1880s, has been widely used to generate electricity. The steel and cement industries use coal as a fuel for extraction of iron from iron ore and for cement production. We offer the following underground coal mining services: new development, board and pillar mining, mining with continuous miners, conventional drilling and blasting, continuous miner pillar extraction (total and partial extraction), establishing box cuts and edits into high walls, underground engineering infrastructure and beneficiation of coal services. Tel: 078 868 9377 Email: Website: Fuel and Logistics Bakone Fuel and Logistics An integrated South African company engaged in the supply and delivery of petroleum and petroleumrelated products to niche markets within the bulk fuels trading environment, both locally and globally. What we do: Our operational footprint in Africa allows us to offer a full bouquet of oil and gas services, backed by international alliances, thereby ensuring world-class delivery every time. Our vision: To become the leader in petroleum supply based on our expertise and our commitment to sustainable earnings, growth, value creation and the re-investment in human capital. Transportation of fuel: Product transportation, market intelligence, distribution, marketing, trading and finance. Tel: 076 900 3933 Email: Website: Construction and civils Versich Construction and Civil Construction of township development infrastructure and general municipal services. Construction and servicing of bulk and internal water and sewer systems. Tel: 078 868 9377 Email: Website: Red Construction & Civil Red Construction & Civil is a construction and maintenance company offering building and road construction and maintenance, sewer and drainage systems construction, industrial structures and general construction services. Customers include municipalities and industrial and domestic clients. Tel: 078 868 9377 Email: Website:

Cambium Development Cambium Development is a professional South African civil construction service provider. The company was established to absorb the previously disadvantaged into mainstream economic activity for the betterment of life for the majority. The company has set its objective to improve the living conditions of communities. Tel: 078 868 9377 Email: Website: Agricultural produce Mr Harvest Veggies & Fruit FOCUS We supply quality organic premium-quality fresh fruit and vegetables directly to the consumer. Mr Harvest Veggies & Fruit is a dynamic and progressive fresh-produce marketing and processing company. Tel: 078 868 9377 Email: Website: Altitude Construction and Civil Consultants Altitude plans and constructs roads and streets. From residential streets to national highways connecting the whole country, Altitude Construction and Civil Consultants has it all covered. The company offers construction and maintenance services for roads, buildings, industrial structures, sewer and drainage systems, water drainage system construction and maintenance, water drainage systems along roads, pavements and within cities and shopping centres. Type of work: Commercial and residential construction, road construction and maintenance, drainage and sewer systems construction and maintenance. Shopping centres, office spaces and general commercial structures. Tel: 078 868 9377 Email: Website: DKR Aluminium and Wood A specialist designer and manufacturer of aluminium and wooden door and window frames. We can design, manufacture and install most architectural aluminium door and window systems, including sliding/folding doors, casement windows, shop fronts, sliding doors and double-glazed units for the domestic and commercial markets. Our windows and doors are manufactured from the highest quality architectural aluminium. Our aim is to become the biggest provider to the architectural aluminium manufacturing trade. Tel: 078 868 9377 Email: Website: Dickson Import and Export Dickson Export and Import helps feed the world by sourcing and exporting or importing complete food product lines and brands from fresh produce to beverages. We export fresh produce fruits and vegetables from South Africa to the world. Our fresh produce reaches its destination as fresh as when it was picked from the farm. Sea and air shipments transport organic, frozen and dry foods. We have developed strong relationships with many small, medium and large food manufacturers willing to offer their product range internationally. Tel: 078 868 9377 Email: Website: General Boys Will Be Boys Entertainment Specialist event planning and management, festivals and concerts. Tel: 078 868 9377 Email: Website:

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