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South African Business 2019 edition

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The 2019 edition of South African Business is the seventh edition of this annual guide to business and investment in South Africa. Regular pages cover all the main economic sectors of the South African economy and give a snapshot of each of the country’s provincial economies. Feature articles on topical issues such as Special Economic Zones and African trade provide unique insights, together with comprehensive overviews of critical economic sectors. Other special features focus on the exciting new possibilities in renewable energy, airports as engines of regional growth and the maritime sector as an entirely new prospect for South African entrepreneurs and businesses. South African Business is complemented by nine regional publications covering the business and investment environment in each of South Africa’s provinces. The e-book editions can be viewed at


PROFILE Malutsa A leading South African water treatment company, specialising in the design, engineering and manufacturing of water treatment equipment and systems. World class In 2005 Malutsa played a role in relief efforts around the Indian Ocean tsunami, having been approached by government departments of the Maldives and South Africa, the Red Cross and the United Nations Children’s Fund. Co-founder of Malutsa, Nathan Herbert. What we do Malutsa constructs fully functional water treatment plants using the latest technology sourced locally and globally in order to meet the particular need of each client. Malutsa often supplies reverse osmosis water treatment plants to rural municipalities in water-stressed areas. Complex treatment processes ensure that the wastewater is compliant for discharge into environmentally sensitive areas. Key markets Anywhere that desalination, water treatment, effluent treatment and specialised separation of process streams is required. All major industrial sectors, municipalities, aid organisations, NGOs, military. Staff A staff complement of between 120 and 150 has extensive experience in water and wastewater treatment. The founders of the company have decades of high-level experience: Bernard Cannon in chemical engineering, Nathan Herbert in mechanical engineering. Since the 1980s both men have been pioneers in the development of industrial applications for tubular reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membrane technology and systems. In terms of technology and chemical process engineering, Malutsa has the backing and support of some of the most experienced professional engineers in water and wastewater treatment. Malutsa also has supply agreements with and access to the technology of leading international companies in the chemical manufacturing, membrane and ultraviolet technology fields. Innovative technology The landmark Blesbok Project has created a cutting-edge mobile water purification plant for the South African National Defence Force through Armscor. This extremely adaptable, robust and efficient unit is now the focus of the world’s first continuous-line production of the mobile water plant at the new custom-built Malutsa factory in Wellington. Installer of ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems Malutsa is the Southern African representative of the largest supplier of ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems in the world, Trojan Technology. Malutsa has established the largest UV plants in Africa on behalf of Trojan. SOUTH AFRICAN BUSINESS 2019 84

PROFILE The new office block and factory premises that Malutsa built to create an assembly line for production of the cutting-edge Blesbok water treatment plant. Vision We aim to be the leading local and global brand in bespoke and line-produced mobile and static water treatment and desalination systems. Mission Design, engineer, manufacture and install water treatment systems to empower industry, municipalities, militaries, hospitality and allied institutions with cutting-edge technology that meets immediate and strategic water needs. Strategic objectives Five fundamentals identified: • Create unique environment where selfactualisation meets excellent market offering. • Develop human capital holistically. • Excel in product offering. • Ensure company existence. • Develop a culture of ownership. Strategic intent Malutsa has an unwavering commitment to becoming a leading local and international player in a fiercely competitive and dynamically evolving water treatment environment. The uniqueness of the post-apartheid industrial engineering landscape allows our innovative and entrepreneurial company to model a new paradigm in developing human capital. We intend to fulfil the desire for world-class attitude and world-class capability. Our objective of redefining the stereotypical opinion of an African world player and leader in an intensely technical field is paramount to the passion and drive we advocate internally at Malutsa. CONTACT DETAILS Malutsa House, 1 Meent Street, Wellington Industrial Park, Wellington 7655 Tel: +27 (0)21 864 2620 Email: Website: 85 SOUTH AFRICAN BUSINESS 2019

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