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South African Business 2021

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Welcome to the ninth edition of the South African Business journal. First published in 2011, the publication has established itself as the premier business and investment guide to South Africa. This issue has a focus on economic recovery plans which have been put in place to tackle the challenges thrown up by the global Covid-19 pandemic. National government’s focus on infrastructure and the use of Special Economic Zones is highlighted, together with a feature on the nascent maritime economy. Regular pages cover all the main economic sectors of the South African economy and give a snapshot of each of the country’s provincial economies. South African Business is complemented by nine regional publications covering the business and investment environment in each of South Africa’s provinces. The e-book editions can be viewed online at

FOCUS Artistic

FOCUS Artistic Impression of the MMSEZ. impact assessment, tourism and food security study, security of water study, energy requirement study and energy generation technology options. Integrating SMMEs within the SEZ Special Economic Zones are predisposed to attract foreign direct investment which could translate into blue-chip international enterprises locating in the zone. Although it is a good thing to attract international companies to locate in the SEZ, this should not happen at the expense of local enterprises. Skills and technology transfer forms an integral part of the essence of the SEZ phenomena. In the MMSEZ, SMME promotion and integration is inherent to the business model. An instrument has been developed in the form of an Enterprise Development Strategy to mainstream SMMEs development into the life cycle of the MMSEZ. The strategy is supported by an ambitious programme to develop an SMME Incubation Centre as a platform for entrepreneurship excellence, creativity and skills and technology localisation. The MMSEZ is partnering with the Department of Small Business Development to roll out this magnificent initiative. During the month of October 2020, a Memorandum of Agreement was concluded with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to collaborate on supporting SMMEs in the MMSEZ and ensuring technology localisation through various initiatives across sectors. Lehlogonolo Masoga has been a driving force behind the development of the MMSEZ. SOUTH AFRICAN BUSINESS 2021 SOUTH AFRICAN BUSINESS 2021 30 28

FOCUS Developing small towns into cities The MEC of Limpopo Economic Development Environment and Tourism (LEDET), Thabo Mokone, stated on the occasion of the launch of the MMSEZ Corporate Identity, “We are pleased that finally the province has established a capable and agile entity seized with a mandate to implement the MMSEZ. Our ambition is not just to build an industrial park but rather to use the SEZ as a catalyst to unlock a plethora of other economic opportunities, including the potential of realising a new Smart City in our province.” It is our anticipation that the MMSEZ as a mega-industrial project will transform the spatial configuration of the two towns of Musina and Makhado. According to the external masterplan report, the two towns requires an investment of R133-billion in socioeconomic infrastructure such as roads, rail, human settlement, schools, health facilities, ICT infrastructure, airport, electricity, water and sewerage. Catalytic projects such as the envisaged High-Speed Rail Project connecting Johannesburg and Musina will add the much-desired impetus of engendering the creation of a new smart city. The province is currently developing a model for a new smart city based on the principles of smart economy, smart mobility, smart housing, smart environment, smart governance, artificial intelligence and the internet-of-things. With the creation of opportunities for local people to earn a decent income, entrepreneurs to create wealth and investment in socio-economic infrastructure, such conditions will lay a solid base for the new smart city to take shape. Investment opportunities outside the zone SEZ projects are by their nature catalytic. They stimulate growth and development which is felt outside the delimited geographic space. In Musina and Makhado towns various stimulus packages have been identified as investment opportunities for the private sector outside the confinement of the SEZ spaces. Among such opportunities are the new Musina Dam, High Speed Rail Project, Manaledzi Mega Housing Project in Makhado, Musina Airport, MMSEZ human settlement, private hospital, private schools and training centres, retail property and hotels. The launch of the MMSEZ Corporate Identity. It is for this reason, among others, that the Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone is “a world of game-changing opportunities”. ■ CONTACTS MUSINA-MAKHADO SEZ SOC 29 Market Street, Polokwane, Limpopo Province (RSA) MR SHAVANA MUSHWANA Marketing and Communication Manager Tel: +27(0) 15 295 5120 Cell: +27 (0)66 173 8957 MR RICHARD ZITHA Executive Manager: Investment Promotion Tel: +27(0) 15 295 5120 Cell: +27 (0)71 391 8188 29 31 SOUTH SOUTH AFRICAN AFRICAN BUSINESS 2020/21 2021

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