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South African Business 2023

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The 2023 Guide to Business and Investment in South Africa.

FOCUS The Responsible

FOCUS The Responsible Mohair Standard has restored trust South African mohair is once again popular with global fashion brands. The mohair industry has embraced the Responsible Mohair Standard as we are all aware that the consumer of today is rightfully far more conscious, not only of the impact of their purchases on the environment, but also the impact their purchases have on the people producing the goods. The Responsible Mohair Standard is all-inclusive and is very specific as to its requirements in respect of the environment and welfare of the animals and all individuals employed in the production of mohair products. There is no doubt that having Samil’s manufacturing operations certified under the Responsible Mohair Standard has opened new opportunities for trade throughout the world. However, the dynamic team at Samil feels compelled to ensure that not just the Samil manufacturing operations but all mohair operations owned or run in partnership with Samil, must also be RMS certified. Samil therefore embarked on a concerted drive to have all the Angora goat farms which are either owned or run in partnership with Samil Farming were also certified as RMS. This was no mean task as there are more than 30 farming operations in the Samil Farming portfolio in and around the Karoo region. However, the Samil Farming Manager, Andries Coetsee, and his very able assistant, Nienke Scholtz, embraced the challenge and Samil is proud to announce that, as of the end of August 2021, all Samil mohair operations are proudly RMS certified. Through the determined efforts of Mohair South Africa, in conjunction with The Textile Exchange, in ensuring the development of the Responsible Mohair Standard, the mohair industry has been able to regain the trust, not only of the big fashion brands, but also of the world. This can clearly be seen in the record mohair prices currently being achieved as brands the world over are scrambling to reintroduce RMScertified mohair articles into their product ranges. The knock-on effect is that jobs that had previously been in jeopardy are now secured and, due to the new-found appetite for mohair, more jobs have been created. The benefits of RMS certification After the PETA exposé in 2018, the South African mohair industry became a pariah and many of the top fashion brands vowed to no longer use mohair in their products. This put nearly 30 000 people at risk of being unable to earn a living and feed their families. 68 SOUTH | AFRICAN BUSINESS 2023 44 | |

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