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The Journal of African Business Issue 7

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Welcome to The Journal of African Business, a unique guide to business and investment in Africa. Since the inaugural issue was published as an annual in 2020, the quarterly format has been adopted, giving our team more opportunities to bring to readers up-to-date information and opinions and offer our clients increased exposure at specific times of the year. We cover a broad range of topics, ranging from energy and mining to tourism and skills development. A wide-ranging interview in this issue with a visionary entrepreneur gives a welcome insight into how the private sector can be deployed to solve issues that go to the heart of social problems, in this instance, affordable housing. Related to urban development is the article that lays out the vision of one of the continent’s great cities to create a smarter city. Special Economic Zones have been in Africa since 1970 but there has been a great deal of new thinking about the role that these zones can play in bolstering economic growth and promoting exports. An article explores the chief motivations for the growth of this particular policy intervention and notes that more zones and organisations representing these zones are aiming to work together, not only on a continental level but through the United Nations as well. Executive education can boost the earnings of graduates of Master of Business Administration courses, but can those post-graduate programmes also respond to and equip students with the tools to tackle African challenges? The importance of being properly covered by insurance for extreme weather conditions is the subject of two case studies by the African Risk Capacity Limited, a financial affiliate of the African Risk Capacity Group, a specialised agency of the African Union. And much more... Global African Network is a proudly African company which has been producing region-specific business and investment guides since 2004.


MEET THE WOMAN LEADING CCBSA’S LARGEST LOGISTICS TERRITORY Liesel Dorothy is the Regional Logistics Manager for Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa’s (CCBSA’s) Coastal Region. This is the largest region in the company, covering KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape and parts of the Western Cape Province. With five warehouses and a fleet of 193 trucks and 103 forklifts, Liesel is leading the people in her team who run this dynamic operations environment. We chatted to her to understand her role better and how she leads her team, as well as the culture of the company. BIOGRAPHY Liesel was born and educated in Gqeberha. This is also where she spent most of her working career. In 2021 she joined CCBSA as an Executive Assistant for Coastal Region Logistics where she was exposed to strategy execution, risk management and mitigation, operational execution, financial management of operations and leadership and execution of projects in the region. In February 2023, Liesel was appointed to the CCBSA Regional Logistics Manager role. She is known to be a confident yet humble leader, who mobilises her team to excel in execution and to transform with agility. Qualifications: Master of Business Administration (cum laude), Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (cum laude), Bachelor of Laws Degree, Bachelor of Commerce (Acc) Degree. Skills: Communication, people development and lean manufacturing. Working experience: General Motors South Africa – Supply Chain Graduate, Inventory Analyst, Logistics Controller, Supply Chain Planner, Material Control Supervisor (Local material), Material Control Supervisor (Imported material) and Material Control Manager. Schnellecke South Africa – Regional Project Manager. Faurecia Automotive – Production Control and Logistics Manager. RCL Foods (Vector Logistics) – Regional Logistics Manager (Eastern Cape and George). Notable achievements: First South African recipient of the General Motors Transformers Award in 2013. Runner-up for Logistics Depot of the Year in 2022 for CCBSA. Liesel Dorothy, Regional Logistics Manager, CCBSA Coastal Region. 32

LEADERSHIP DID YOU KNOW? As part of CCBSA’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, the company has increased black female representation in leadership roles and senior management, from 89% recognition in 2020 to 94% recognition in 2021. The company is committed to building a culture and ethos that is inclusive, diverse and reflective of the demographics of South Africa to ensure the long-term growth of the organisation. CCBSA wants to embody the spirit of the country and be a truly proudly South African company that has embedded transformation and economic inclusion in its operations. TELL US MORE ABOUT WHAT YOUR ROLE ENTAILS. In a nutshell, my role involves the movement of the CCBSA products from the time of manufacture to the customer delivery and every touch point in between, with the aim of doing it as efficiently as possible. WHAT HAS BEEN A HIGHLIGHT IN THIS ROLE SO FAR? The highlight has been my team’s ability to pull together to overcome the challenges we’ve been experiencing this year as we transitioned to a new enterprise-resource-planning system. We’ve had several challenges thrown at us, sometimes at odd hours of the day and often with little warning. The team has done exceedingly well to overcome them. HOW DO YOU LEAD PEOPLE TO IMPROVE PERFORMANCE? I encourage self-development, so I’m keen on decision-making being made at all levels. In this way we foster learnings from the stuff we get right and the stuff we get wrong. The only way for people to learn is to apply themselves and to try. The more people get things right, the more confident they become and with that they become better leaders. WHAT FACTORS IMPACT A WOMAN’S ABILITY TO LEAD OTHERS? A company’s culture is a significant factor. CCBSA aims to create shared value for the business and our people. And by value, I mean more than just money but rather the chance for people to belong and thrive, no matter one’s race or gender. This supportive atmosphere creates a positive impact throughout the organisation — with employees not just accepting females in leadership roles, but employees who now embrace, value and celebrate female leaders. WHAT DO YOU ADMIRE MOST ABOUT YOUR LOGISTICS TEAM? Their competitiveness — they have this deep desire to always get things done, no matter what. LEADERSHIP ROLES CAN BE DEMANDING AND TAXING ON THE BODY AND MIND. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO KEEP YOURSELF FIT, BOTH MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY? I have a passion for sports, especially field hockey and running and believe in the concept of healthy body, healthy mind. I also take breaks from screen time (including phones) and get fresh air. My family and I have also moved to Durban this year, so we’ve been spending time outdoors, travelling and exploring the local nature and wildlife areas. 33

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