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Western Cape Business 2021

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The 2021 edition of Western Cape Business is the 14th issue of this highly successful publication that, since its launch in 2005, has established itself as the premier business and investment guide for the Western Cape. The Western Cape has several investment and business opportunities. In addition to the regular articles providing insight into each of the key economic sectors of the province, a special feature on thriving agricultural exports gives insight into the details of what fruits and wines go where. An interview with the Port Manager of the Port of Cape Town provides more understanding of the scale of the logistics operation that is a major port. Another special feature examines the City of Cape Town as a national headquarters for the thriving asset management sector. The cover picture reflects an exciting new find of gas condensate off the south-eastern coast, a potential game-changer for the Western Cape and South African economies. This new development is covered in the overview of the oil and gas sector.


ADVERTORIAL see money differently NEDBANK’S INNOVATION JOURNEY TAKES CLIENTS INTO THE 21ST CENTURY Dr Fayzel Omar Provincial General Manager Nedbank Business Banking, Western Cape Taking into consideration the everevolving nature of the banking industry, Nedbank Provincial General Manager of the Western Cape, Dr Fayzel Omar, is confident his PhD in Business Administration will empower him with the knowledge he requires to keep abreast of the latest developments in the banking sector. Omar is passionate about his vision for Western Cape business owners and entrepreneurs seeking a unique banking experience and explains how Nedbank will support and grow businesses and retail clients in the Western Cape. To support the vast geography of the Western Cape his distribution cuts across eight regions, each led by skilled regional managers and supported by functional teams and product specialists across the integrated business channels of Business Banking, Small Business, Retail and Personal Banking. Nedbank’s decentralised Business Banking Cluster has 70 business managers located across the province. They specialise in commercial industries and the agricultural sector to support all sectors of the Western Cape economy. ‘ Working with communities is entrenched in our values through community development, skills development, education and job creation … ’ ‘At Nedbank Business Banking we believe that you need a financial partner who not only understands your circumstances and aspirations, but also provides you with relevant solutions and a banking experience that is hassle-free. This allows you to concentrate on what’s most important to you – running your business,’ says Omar. As your bank, we understand business banking, and remain committed to drawing on our expertise to support clients by adding value with innovative solutions through engaged people and localised structures. We know that success in business is about partnerships, and that is why we put the building of deep, lasting, value-adding relationships at the centre of

‘ … we understand business banking, and remain committed to drawing on our expertise to support clients by adding value with innovative solutions … everything we do. This means your goals are our goals, your vision is our vision and your success is our success. Through our bigger-picture banking approach we immerse ourselves in your business and your industry so that we are an extension of your team, with a full understanding of your business requirements. This enables us not only to provide you with the banking solutions you need, but also to give you a bigger-picture view of how each of our products connects to create a framework that yields maximum impact across every facet of your business and beyond. When you add to this the insights and expertise available to you across Nedbank’s extensive network of multidisciplinary specialists, you know that you have a banking partner who is walking with you throughout your business journey. 'Working with communities is entrenched in our values through community development, skills development, education and job creation, as well as environmental conservation. These play a vital role in building a sustainable economy and vibrant society. We believe our fast-growing presence in communities goes a long way in enabling greater financial inclusion while contributing towards economic growth,' says Omar. And the innovation journey continues, ensuring greater value for clients. The Nedbank Money app allows clients to manage accounts, make payments and change their credit or debit card settings ’ from their smartphone. The Money app also allows clients to make instant payments to anyone on their smartphone’s contact list, regardless of whether the recipient is a Nedbank client. Nedbank’s payments app, Karri, simplifies school payments to help teachers, parents and children. The Karri app makes payments to schools for events such as civvies days, school trips and other fundraising activities easy and secure, using a built-for-purpose mobile payment application. Nedbank’s interactive ATM – a first for Africa – gives clients access to live teller services over video, at any time, right from the machine. ‘This ATM also responds to the growing trend and need for business and individual clients to make large deposits and withdrawals at unconventional business hours.’ All of which are ways in which Nedbank continues to simplify and make banking for businesses and communities work for their good. Should you be interested in taking your business to its next level and improving staff engagement, and if you want more information about Nedbank’s specialised service offering, please call the Business Banking team on +27 (0)21 412 3000 or visit

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